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Should We Remove Our Gutters Before Painting?

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Should you remove your gutters before painting your home?

Should We Remove Our Gutters Before Painting?

We are asked all the time.

“Should we remove the gutters when painting our home?

There is no black and white answer for this, or really any painting or epoxy floor question.

The job itself and difficulty will determine the best approach to this painting question.

Always defer to your painter and check with your gutter installer for the best case scenario and direction for this.

Exterior Painting and Gutters
Remove Your Gutters Or Not?

If you have the means to do so , surely, it would be great to paint behind the gutters, especially with a wood surface.

Being able to paint behind the gutters helps protect the wood in an area that will see a tremendous amount of moisture, an unprotected surface could be trouble.

However, this wouldn’t typically be the painters responsibility and you would need to coordinate this with your gutter installer.

It is not as easy as simply removing the gutters and putting them back up.

They could be one continuous gutter, making it very difficult to remove and needing multiple people.

Again you would not want your painter to do such an important and specific job not related to the painting industry.

Having an open and honest discussion with your painter and discussing expectations, the benefits and difficulties is always the best thing, open communication throughout the painting project.

These things are not as easy as searching on Google and seeing what it tells you, real life issues and the experience over the years of your painter are key.

So to answer the question, it all depends. Check with your local painter for an answer directly related to your exterior painting project.

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